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The Police Bill is the single biggest threat to the traditional way of life of Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers in our lifetime. If passed, it will:

  • eradicate nomadic life in Britain,

  • give police the power to seize Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller homes,

  • fine Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people up to £2500, and

  • imprison those needing to follow a nomadic way of life because of a lack of safe legal stopping places.

Drive2Survive is a coalition of Romany Gypsy, Irish Traveller, nomadic activists, and community organisations who are determined to use peaceful protest and civil disobedience to highlight this threat to the freedoms of all people. If we join together we can make Priti Patel and Boris Johnson think again about their intention to eradicate a way of life that is many hundreds of years old.

Throughout the Summer and Autumn of 2021, we need your help to stop this racist attempt to culturally cleanse Gypsies, Roma, and Travellers from the British landscape.

Join us on July 7th, 1pm at Parliament Square, London. 



Bell Ribeiro-Addy

Socialist. Feminist. Anti-Racist. Trade unionist. She/her.

Labour MP Streatham
Co-Chair Socialist Campaign Group of MPs


Shami Chakrabati 

British Labour Party politician, barrister, and human rights activist. Shadow Attorney General for England and Wales from 2016-20. Director of Liberty from 2003-16.


Zarah Sultana 

Proudly serving the people
of Coventry South as Labour MP



Andy Slaughter

Labour MP for Hammersmith | For all casework enquiries please email


Stand Up To Racism

Stand Up to Racism campaigns against racism, fascism, Islamophobia and antisemitism.


Amnesty International

We defend human rights around the world. No government is beyond scrutiny. No situation is beyond hope.


Human Rights

There is a democratic crisis in the UK. The Government are shutting accountability in Parliament, through the courts, on the streets and in civil society.

Help Liberty keep these avenues of accountability open so we can all stand up to power.


Billy Welch

The Shera Rom – or ‘Head Gypsy’ – who has been central to the organisation of the Cumbrian Appleby Horse Fair for decades.


Virgil Bitu,

Gypsy, Roma and Sinti resistance against racism and fascism.


Allison Hulmes

British Association of Social Workers (BASW) Cymru
National Director 


Weyman Bennett

Co-convenor of

Stand Up To Racism
and joint secretary of

Unite Against Fascism


Howard Beckett

Unite Assistant General
Secretary for Politics & Legal  Support for Members First 


Delia Mattis

Social Justice activist


Nicu Ion

 Newcastle councillor: the UK's first Roma migrant elected in the UK,


Thomas McCarthy

Singer & Storyteller

(c) Luke Wenman 1.jpg

Luke Wenman

Social justice activist


Marvina Newton

Marvina Newton is a community leader, activist, friend and mother of two. She is the Founder and CEO of Angel of Youths, Founder of My Queer Culture, Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Leeds, Founder of United for Black Lives and Founding Executive Director of Black Allies Network.


Zack Polanski

Green Party London Assembly Member. Chair London's Environment Committee. Spokesperson for Democracy & Citizenship

marian mahoney.PNG

Marian Mahoney

Irish Traveller
from London
Gypsies and Travellers


Wolfgang Douglas

Bring Albert Home
from Dubai campaign


The Traveller Movement

The Traveller Movement is a national community charity promoting inclusion and community engagement with Gypsies, Roma and Travellers. 


Jake Bowers

Journalist, Producer, Filmmaker and Artist Blacksmith.


Sherrie Smith

Founder Gypsies & Travellers Essex Co-founder Drive to Survive & Report Racism GRT


Steve Kennedy

Criminal Defence Solicitor; Founder Law Friends Society; Festival Organiser; Travel Researcher


Welcome at Parliament Square
13:00 Jake Bowers and Sherrie Smith, Co-chairs of Drive2Survive
13:05 Andy Slaughter MP

13:10 Billy Welch, Shera Rom  

13:15 Bell Ribeiro Addy MP

13:20 Allison Hulmes, GRTPA
13:25 Weyman Bennet, Stand Up To Racism 

13:30 Lu, A New Traveller perspective

13:35 Howard Beckett, UNITE Union 

13:40 Traveller Pride 

13:45 Delia Mattis, #KilltheBill  

13:50  Virgil Bitu, Roma perspective 

13:55 Nicu Ion, UK's First Roma Councillor

14:00 Silence for Stanislav Tomáš 

14:05 Thomas McCarthy, Irish Traveller song 

14:10 Luke Wenman, GRT Socialist 

14:15 Marvina Newton, #KilltheBill 

14:20 Zack Polanski, Green Party 

14:25 Marian Mahoney, Irish Traveller perspective

14:30 Wolfgang Douglas, Human Rights in Dubai 

14:35 Amnesty International, Statements of Solidarity 

14:40 Zarah Sultana MP 

14:45 Joe Brown, Irish Traveller Movement Case

14:50 Steve Kennedy, Lawyer  

14:55 Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, Amendments in the Lords 

15:00 Sherrie Smith and Jake Bowers, End

You are warmly invited to join us after 3 pm at The Abbey Centre for tea and cakes, to meet MPs and the team. People are gathering from all over the UK to exercise their right to protest and flag the consequences of the Bill on all our freedoms. So let's make it a safe and enjoyable experience. 

#Drive2Survive  #SummerofDiscontent


Drive2Survive organisers want to start by thanking everyone for their support, collaboration and donations to help make the event happen on July 7th at Parliament Square. We welcome the attendance of everyone at this peaceful public rally.


To ensure the safety, security and comfort of everyone on the day, we please ask that you honour our request for:


  • No sound systems: we want to hear our speakers and community voices.

  • No trucks or vehicles

  • No alcohol or drugs: this is a law-abiding, family event.

  • No other entertainment - young children and horses will be present.

We have stewards, professional security and a dedicated assembly point to ensure everyone has a positive experience on the day. There is a dedicated crowd-free safe space area, Covid-safety masks and hand sanitiser available.

Our Approach


This is a guide about looking after and respecting each other. It should tell you what you can expect and what you commit to as part of the Drive 2 Survive. There is a video of this text at the bottom of the page.


We aim to create a respectful and understanding space where all people can express themselves and show kindness and compassion towards others without prejudice or hierarchy power. Therefore, we have high expectations of how we behave towards each other when meeting.


  1. Consent. Before you touch anyone or discuss sensitive topics, ask if someone is comfortable with that. Don't assume your physical and emotional boundaries are the same as other people's.

  2. Be aware of your privileges. Think about how your words and who they might exclude or harm.

  3. Calling out. If you have acted or spoken harmfully, someone may bring this up with you. If this happens, please listen and reflect.

  4. Learning. Don't understand something? Ask. We are responsible for our learning. Know of a book, website or resource? Please share it.

  5. Labour. Contribute what you can. Everyone is different. It's okay to make mistakes. Be polite when offering criticism and show gratitude for the hard work of others.

  6. Social. We build social relationships outside of meetings and actions. We commit to this Safer Spaces policy wherever we are together. There is no expectation to participate in social events, and this shouldn't make you feel less included.

  7. Security. Would you mind not using the names/details of people who have been involved in organising and carrying out any demos or actions without asking them? This makes sure that journalists, police or other unknown people don't hold information that could put members at risk of harm. Also, please don't film or photograph without permission.

  8. Alcohol and Drugs. This family event and any associated activities are not a party. Would you please respect this? Do not drink alcohol or take drugs,

  9. Community responsibility. When we work together, we are creating the change we wish to see in the world. So take care of each other.

We strive to stay free from oppressive action, behaviour, and language. These unjust actions and words include but are not limited to: racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and any disrespect of size, gender identity, sexual identity/expression, (dis)ability, age, educational level, and cultural background. Because we want to learn from and educate each other fairly and inclusively, we are all responsible for addressing these issues as they arise.


Our spaces will be inclusive and supportive spaces for all women and gender-variant individuals. We do not police your identity in our spaces.

Drive2Survive is a diverse group, and some of us experience multiple kinds of oppression: racism, sexism, ableism, poverty, transphobia, homophobia, and Traveller-phobia. These oppressions are not separate from each other, which can be exhausting & painful. Therefore, we want to create a community that recognises and challenges the harms of oppression.

Please aware this is a public event, and some protesters will be survivors of domestic, sexual and state violence. We all respond to harmful experiences differently, so please take care of yourself and those around you. Do what feels comfortable and safe.


These policies are not about censorship. On the contrary, we are open to respectful dialogue and, most importantly, want everyone to feel safe and free to participate in our activities.


Thank you



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