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A dark day for democracy

Today the Police Act became law and an attempt to eradicate part of Britain's cultural heritage has begun. Whether it succeeds or fails depends on what we do next.

Arguably the best thing Gypsies and Travellers can do is nothing and just continue our ancestral way or life and assert our human right to travel.

Drive 2 Survive will shortly be announcing new plans to advocate, inform and litigate (take the government to court for human rights abuses). But it in the meantime it is vital that anybody affected by the new law gathers evidence on how they have been treated. If you have a smartphone with video in your pocket, it is essential that you use it and tell us. The Drive 2 Survive Travellers Help hotline is available on the following two numbers.

To read very recently produced Home Office guidance to Police forces on how the law is supposed be used.

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