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If you support Drive 2 Survive's work to mark the people and places central to Gypsy, Roma and Traveller please take 3 minutes to tell us about it.

Drive 2 Survive’s campaign to publicly and permanently remember Gypsy, Roma and Traveller history has taken a big step forward in the last week. We have recently installed two new sculptures in Sussex to make our history plainly and powerfully visible for all to see.


On Feb 14th we unveiled a new bench dedicated to Romany activist Terry Green in Maresfield. The bench was made over the winter by his grandkids, with the help of Friends, Families and Travellers and East Sussex Community Voice.


On February 21st we moved and installed the first public sculpture we made of a life-sized Gypsy cob called Priscilla, Queen of the South to a new place at the heart of the University of Sussex. Pictures to follow.


To carry on this work we need to know whether you think it should continue, we`re also looking for new sites, people and places where we can celebrate our history. If this is something you would like to support, please fill in our survey. It will take just 3 minutes of your time and can be found here:


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