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Taking it to the Tories on October 2nd 2021

On October 2nd 2021, the Drive 2 Survive campaign to preserve nomadic human rights in Britain will be taking their message and fight to Manchester. Working in close cooperation with local anti-racist activists from across the north we will gather in the People's Assembly marquee at 1pm. A series of community speakers will argue that the diverse cultures of Britain's Romany Gypsy, Irish, Scots, Welsh Kale and New Travellers cannot be criminalised simply because some of our people have nowhere to go.

Gypsies and Travellers from across the land are being encouraged to bring horses, carts, wagons and caravans to Manchester. We are working with Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police to ensure that there will be safe, legal stopping places from October 2nd onwards.

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I notice the Dartmoor National Park Authority is proposing to change its bylaws to make it illegal to spend the night on the roadside on Dartmoor.

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